• Hi Yoshitsumura / Hiezu no Uta Promotional Video Completed! After the completion of \ 1F 80A "Hiezu no Uta", the promotion video was finally completed in the spring of 1F 80 A 2019 in order to take videos related to 1F 80 A "Hiezu no Uta" for one and half years. Collect keywords to make lyrics, band plays, think about original choreography, drone will also be released for shooting! Please enjoy the love of village and the scenery of the day-long Yoshitsumura village! ...


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    • Welcome to Hi Yoshizu Chat! Let's send the attractiveness of your area around the world by multilingual group chat! Group chat is a multilingual community in the region. Local tourist association, restaurant, accommodation, souvenir shop, etc., "people who want to transmit information on local attraction and your shop", visiting tourists visiting your area, and your area Connect people in the world who are interested in Your post is translated simultaneously in 104 languages including Thai and Indonesian. People from all over the world can participate in group chats via web pages in each of the 104 languages, so you can communicate in real time. Now let's send the information you have to the people of the world and enjoy communication!

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